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Day at the Opera

Last weeks big news was the release of Firefox 3.0. But a quieter event happened the Tuesday prior — Opera 9.5 was released. I’m a regular user of Firefox, although Firebug is starting to piss me off. I haven’t used Opera since they experimented with an ad-based model serveral years ago. It was always fast, but felt clunky.

Opera 9.5 is a huge improvement and I was very impressed. The look-and-feel is different from prior versions and was not so wierd as to be uncomfortable. Rendering speed was very fast and JavaScript also is very fast, which was my main interest. They also incorporated a JavaScript development tool similiar to Firebug that is called Dragonfly. Beyond being a clever play on words, Dragonfly provides an integrated, supported tool to handle what I was using Firebug for.

So I suggest taking a look at it. I’ll probably end up using Firefox 3 more often, as I’m a creature of habit, but the folks at Opera Software have done a great job and it is always nice to have another standards-compliant browser to test with.