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Sit on the Hands

Apple finally unveiled the much-anticipated iPad 2 yesterday, with all the expected fanfare. I was pretty excited for about the first 15 minutes of the presentation. Thin is sexy, and who could say no to dual cores and much faster graphics. I didn’t really care about the cameras, although that would make it a great all-in-one device for my in-laws who are malware magnets on their Windows machine.

But there was nothing earth shattering which made me want to upgrade my first generation iPad. There are two main reasons. First, there are going to be a crapload of tablets coming out this year, and I’d rather wait for the best device, not the first device. The iPad 2 is a starting point. I want the same specs, but with a better web browser and better expandability. Openness would also be a nice thing. Apple is turning in to the 21st century version of Microsoft in the 90s. There is some serious sexiness heading to the table market in the next six months, so waiting is the best thing to do unless someone absolutely must have an iPad like OMG TODAY!

The second reason is that my primary day-to-day travelling companion of choice has become my Kindle DX Graphite. Between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone, I have everything covered that I would do with my iPad. I like the focus of the Kindle on the task of reading, without distraction. No Twitter, AIM, email or the temptation to surf. I’m actually chewing through a lot of books that I have wanted to read and appreciate the Kindle DX even more now than 9 months ago.

So my best advice to anyone looking at an iPad 2, either as a new tablet or upgrade, is to wait. Give it a few months for the market to bloom and then pick the best device for your needs. It may well be the iPad 2, but you have nothing to lose by waiting a bit longer.