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Friends don’t let friend do Flash

The final part of the Flash Wars series on AppleInsider ended pretty much as I expected. The author ended with a negative slant towards Flash and I would have to agree with him. What was even more interesting were the comments posted in response.

Since Apple has a large artsy following, many of the responses were from the design folks. I’m not real clear on what planet these folks are from. They were linking showcase Flash “site of the year” sites as a demo of what only Flash was capable of. Unfortunately designers create art to impress their peers, not their users, so the Flash sites had counter-intuitive navigation and way too much glitz.

The design crowd also doesn’t seem to realize no one cares about SVG graphics except themselves and banner ad companies. The latter group is pretty much hated, and I have never had a customer ask for SVG graphics. It is pretty clear the Flash crowd is completely detached from reality, which means it is only a matter of time before they are extinct.

So all the Flash developers out there have my pity. Some have spent years mastering a medium most people despise, and they’ll have to look for something else to do. You could almost say Flash is the new PowerBuilder, except that you could at least do productive work in PowerBuilder.