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The Shift

I’ve added four developers to my team in the past month or so. Each got a brand new Dell workstation to configure as they liked. All chose to use Eclipse Helios over the MyEclipse IDE licenses the company had purchased. One chose to use VirtualBox and Kubuntu as his development OS. The most surprising thing was the choice of browsers: all but one are running Chrome as their primary browser.

I remember the days when Firefox was king for geeks. If you were doing web development, it was a must have tool. But those days are long dead. I ditched Firefox around the end of last year and haven’t looked back. And apparently I’m not alone. Chrome is now king for software developers, which does not bode well for Firefox. I’ll always appreciate Firefox for pushing innovation forward prior to the currently-waging Web 2.0 Browser Wars, but I suspect it is headed the way of Netscape Navigator.

Changing Tide

I’ve been checking out some of the stats on my blog this week. Its coming up on a year that I’ve been blogging, which means I’ve easily beaten the averages. One of the interesting tidbits has been the browser report. As you can see below, my guests have a clear browser preference:

Browser Report

The list goes on for another 20 lines into the “long tail”, but I stopped at Opera, which is about the end of the line for mainstream browsers. It is amazing how clearly Firefox dominates as the browser of choice for geeks.

It is stats like this that should have Microsoft very worried. What is cool in Geekland eventually makes it to mainstream. We could easily see a future where Internet Explorer is the exception rather than the rule.