This site is the blog of Tim Sporcic, an engineering manager at Research Now in Plano, TX. When not busing coding away on the bleeding edges of JavaScript and WordPress, Tim spends plenty of quality time with his eight-year old daughter, Zoe.

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Tim Sporcic

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  1. Hi Tim: I’m in Plano too and an considering rewriting an extjs3 project into EXTJS4 & adding ext.direct. I’d like to talk to you if interested. You’ve got my email. please contact me ASAP. Thanks

  2. hi, I just started a job which requires me to come up to speed on extjs. Have you by chance completed the mvc restful example adding widgets? I ran the code and am trying to figure out how to add widgets to the existing code.


  3. You recently tweeted: “I’m truly amazed at how incredibly awful Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity is. Slower than Win7 and painful to use. FC16 on Tue it is.”

    I predict you will find GNOME 3 an equally awful user experience. Therefore I recommend Debian Testing with Xfce:


    When the installer first loads, choose “Advanced options” -> “Alternative desktop environments” -> “Xfce.”

    You won’t regret it.

  4. Thanks, Eric. I was thinking of falling back to Linux Mint if I didn’t like Fedora Core. The only problem is it looks like they’re going Gnome 3 too with the next release. Hopefully they do it right.

  5. Hello,

    Could you tell me a little bit about the team that won the AT&T Hackathon? I have not been able to find any information aside from the team name. I was wondering what the app actually did. I appreciate the the assistance.

  6. Tim,

    We met last night at the JavaMUG meeting, I was sitting next to Erik. I wanted to ask you for a recommendation on a good jQuery book. My Javascript is very rusty and I know nothing about jQuery but wanted to expand my knowledge since Grails has switched over to using it.

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