Skyfall and Rebirth

I finally went and saw the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall yesterday. I’m a huge James Bond fan. I remember coming home from high school in Germany and putting in a James Bond film on the VCR because AFTRS television was really bad during the after school hours.

The new film was both beautiful and thought provoking. I hadn’t seen any of the previous Daniel Craig versions of James Bond, and was really impressed with his interpretation. The cinematography was beautiful, even trumping Prometheus, which, even though the story was a train wreck, was visually stunning.

The thought provoking part of Skyfall was the whole story line on middle age. While Daniel Craig plays a slightly older version of Bond than himself, in real life he is actually two years younger than me. The underlying plot point of “is he too old” got me thinking about my own trajectory.

I share James Bond’s unwillingness to accept his own mortality and soldier own. I’ve always taken the perspective that you are really whatever age you want to be. That works until the mid-40s when your face starts to betray your actual years of hardened experience. In my case, a decade in the USAF and a war abroad contributed to a lot of those wrinkles.

I was actually inspired by the film. Here was Daniel Craig, playing a middle-aged James Bond, keeping strong and carrying on. Living in the past is a fool’s game, and Craig’s version of Bond was unrepentant of his age and never looked back. Craig is also in better shape at 44 than a lot of my fellow geeks in their 20s, and that is the real inspiration.

I refuse to call it a mid-life crisis, but Daniel Craig has actually inspired me. I need to get off my ass more and actually get fit and care about my health. To maintain a mental edge, you also need to maintain the physical edge, and I have neglected that aspect for too long.

Tim Ferriss has also been a big inspiration of mine with the Four Hour Body, and he preaches one of the best ways to achieve a goal is to make it public, so I’m going to start asking myself “what would Daniel Craig do?” and turn myself around for 2013. I have three simple goals for myself for next year:

  1. Fit in to my flight suit: I’m at over 200lbs now, but I still have two of the original flight suits I was issued by the USAF twenty years ago. I plan to fit in to them again without looking like a stuffed sausage. As an added bonus, I’ll be able to fit into the leather flight jacket I have too.
  2. Complete a 10K run: The last time I ran a 10K was in 1997 when I ran in the Pacific Grove, CA Run to the Beacon. I wasn’t a competitive runner, and ran it with a few friends for fun. In 2013, I will run another 10K run and live to tell about it.
  3. The GORUCK Challenge: This is the tough one. I’m a huge fan of GORUCK bags. They are high-quality, American-made bags created by some ex-Special Forces guys in Montana. My daily laptop bag is a desert tan Radio Ruck and I love it. They also put on the GORUCK Challenge, which amounts to a night of brutal SEAL training just to say you did it. It’s about camaraderie and fitness, and I want to do it.

So these are the goals. And I’ll be asking myself the Daniel Craig question every day. I’m hoping my crazy fit friends at work will be there to help out, and I would love to see us field a team at Credera for the GORUK Challenge next year.

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