New iPad

As the owner of both an original iPad and iPad 2, I was pretty excited about the “new iPad”. I wasn’t willing to stand in line Friday morning, so I waited until Saturday to take a look.

I headed down to the flagship Apple store on Knox Henderson and was prepared to be amazed. Much to my dismay, I wasn’t. Yes, the screen is beautiful, and yes, LTE is awesome. But as a happy iPad 2 owner, the device was completely underwhelming.

I still do most my real reading on a Kindle DX, so the iPad 2 is still a device for wasting time. Twitter, Facebook, Flipbook and the rest all look perfectly fine on my iPad 2.

The biggest steal at Apple was the price cut of $100 off an iPad 2. If you don’t have a tablet today, the device to get is the iPad 2. At the current price, it is a real steal and it is this device which really puts the screws to the Android tablet space.

The device I really want is the one I’m still waiting for Amazon to build. So dear Mr. Bezos, listen up! I want an updated Kindle DX. Same size, but with a better eInk display, higher contrast, faster page turning, and lose the keyboard and go with a touch sensitive screen. That would be the device to die for. Unfortunately, I think Amazon is too fixated on the Kindle Fire to really build it.

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