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Instead of predictions, last year I made a wish list for Santa of things I wanted to have happen in 2011. Looking back at the list, I guess I must have been pretty naughty last year, because the stocking ended up pretty empty. Here was the list, and what I actually got:

  • Google to kick Oracle’s ass over Android: this turned in to a total stalemate, although I could say Google “won” based on the number of Android activations and the butt-kicking Oracle’s stock is getting. I’m actually pretty ambivalent a year later over who wins. I don’t foresee ever buying a Android device, so the whole battle is orthogonal to my interests.
  • Someone to finally build a good Windows notebook: nothing but a lump of coal for me. Lenovo is probably the closest, but none of the PC makers have hit on a Windows 7 equivalent of the Macbook Pro.
  • ActiveState to push out ActiveRuby: another lump of coal. I’m not too disappointed though. I was expecting Ruby to go more mainstream, but instead it had all the thunder sucked out of it by NodeJS. Ruby is becoming the new Java, without the Java part.
  • Google to buy Sencha (ExtJS): more coal. I’ve actually given up on someone buying Sencha. I’m suspecting they have bigger plans than a simple exit. Unfortunately, the market is getting a lot tougher and they may have missed their sweet spot. Sencha Touch is the best tool going in the mobile JavaScript widget space, but it is only a matter of time before JQuery Mobile, Dojo and KendoUI catch up.
  • World Peace: a whole truckload of coal, along with a story that would take more than a few beers to cover.

In spite of a garage full of coal based on my visions of geek sugarplums for last year, I’ll brave speculating on a few things I would like to see happen this year.

  • Grails will get hot: yes, I bashed the crap out of Grails earlier this year when I let my team give it a try on a project. But since then, Grails 2.0 has gone final, and excellent tooling support has arrived in the form of IntelliJ IDEA 11. I’ve been rocking the world doing some Grails work using Bootstrap and KendoUI, and I really appreciate Grails for providing a bit more structure than Rails without having to jump into the rigid world of Java/Spring. I’ll be doing all my personal projects in Grails this year.
  • Kendo UI sneaks in: I originally wrote off Kendo UI as just an attempt by Telerik to clone ExtJS. It shares the same dual licensing model of ExtJS and plays in the same space. In reality, Kendo UI sits somewhere between JQuery UI and ExtJS. Kendo UI provides a good looking library which is easy to implement since it is based on JQuery. While ExtJS is much richer, it is also much harder to work with — there is no such thing as a casual ExtJS developer. Kendo UI also has excellent theming support, and I expect them to evolve it pretty rapidly throughout the year. Kendo UI is what JQuery UI should have been, and this will the framework to watch.
  • NodeJS jumps the shark: NodeJS busted onto the scene this year and got a lot of people very excited about it. Like a new puppy, it was fast, light and a lot of fun to play with. But now that puppy is taking on weight and the peeing on the carpet is starting to get old. Things will only get worse now that NodeJS has sold their souls to Microsoft. I expect NodeJS to enjoy a record short 15 minutes of fame, at the expense of Ruby on Rails.
  • Evil is the new Black: everyone should realize by now that every large technology company is evil. From Facebook and Google stealing your lives to pitch you advertising, to Apple and their walled garden, all these major companies are running with their own evil agendas and we’re just along for the ride. Even Twitter is jumping on the Evil bandwagon. 2012 will be the year you learn to get over it, and there will be good money to be made riding on Darth Vader’s cloak tails. Evil will be the new black.

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  1. The 8560P looks pretty close. No backlit keyboard, and I would want to see one in person first. I edit photos on the MBP and am picky about color rendition. A high color gamut is important. I’ve seen too many laptops with crappy color. And it looks like it has the Intel SSD as an option, which would be tops, but the battery life is the suck.


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