The Spark

Amazon announced their new Kindles today, along with their much anticipated Android tablet, the Fire. I’m a big fan of the Kindle, and was looking forward to this, but in the end, the best I can say is meh. The new, smaller Kindle with the touch interface looks the most impressive, except for one “small” problem: the size.

My normal daily companion is a Graphite Kindle DX. It is the Ultimate Reading Machine. I love it for the large screen. My eyes aren’t what they used to be, so I appreciate still being able to get a lot of text on the screen even if I jack up the font size. The Kindle Touch is just too small.

The Kindle Fire is really just a media player; a distraction. It’s like the iPad, just smaller! They will probably sell a billion of them at that price, which is going to force Apple to innovate, so there is a plus side.

@Amazon, if you really want to get my pulse up, here’s what I want to see: a new device with the Kindle DX screen size, but with the improved e-ink display and faster processor. Ditch the keyboard too, and go for touch controls, but keep the page flip buttons so I don’t have to keep poking the screen to turn a page. The whole package should be smaller, thinner and lighter than my DX but with the same screen size. The rumors are you’re going to build one for next summer. How about Christmas? Pretty please?

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