4th of July in Plano

We’ve been living in Plan now for nearly seven years, and like most suburbanites, we don’t get involved much with the city. This year, my wife noticed they have a 4th of July parade. Since my daughter has never seen a parade, and it was right around the corner from the house, we headed over.

The parade was a great time. I was really surprised to see the streets so packed. It was a small town parade; nothing fancy. But everyone was having a great time and I learned straight-laced Plano even hosts a bunch of Boba Fett bounty hunters. I wish the city would put them to use for the red light runners.

So everyone had fun and my daughter was thrilled. We’ll definitely add this to the agenda, and it even gives me a desire to get more involved with Plano.

2 thoughts on “4th of July in Plano”

  1. Rotary Club Dressed as Mounties…
    More likely a theatre thing.
    Sign cropped on the left of frame is the theater putting on a Canadian Mountie themed piece this month, Little Mary Sunshine.
    Hosted by the Plano Sunrise Rotary

    Yeah- Plano is worth getting involved in from a leadership and business standpoint. If you think the parade was inspiring for that, drag the kidlet to the International Festival this fall.
    It’s a real eye-opener.

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