Beastly Browsing

Just a few short weeks ago I did some benchmarking of the then-RC IE9 and Chrome 10. I discovered that IE9 did well on Sunspider, even beating out Chrome 10, but Chrome turned around and ate IE9’s lunch on the V8 Benchmark Suite.

Now that IE9 is final, and Chrome 10 has bumped a few revisions, I reran the V8 suite. Here is how the final version of IE9 did on my Windows 7 machine:

This was about a 200 point improvement over the RC, which scored 2567. Now, for Chrome, here’s how the lastest revision performed:

I was blown away. This was a full 3000 point improvement over what I tested just a month ago. Google is definitely working overtime on V8. Apparently, Google has some of the former Sun employees who worked on the Hotspot JVM working on V8 now. This is going to have very interesting implications for NodeJS. Server-side JavaScript could conceivably be in the running to replace Java. I’m going to try to find some benchmarks that compare the Java 6 JVM to NodeJS just to how close it is getting.

For giggles, I also ran the benchmark on my new MacBook Pro with the same version of Chrome. Being a laptop, I was expecting decent, but not stellar, performance. I was really, really wrong. Here’s how Chrome 10 did on my MBP:

This is a nearly 2000 point improvement over the Windows version. I don’t know what Google is doing under the covers, but whatever it is, it really likes Mac OS X. I was shocked too because my Windows 7 machine is a downright beastly AMD 6-core box:

The MBP is actually running a bit slower:

So the lessons learned are that a MacBook Pro very much is a desktop replacement machine, and that Chrome 10 totally rocks on Mac OS X.

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