The Contender

I got around to installing the IE9 RC this weekend. Kudos to Microsoft. At SenchCon, Ed Spencer commented that IE9 was “just like a modern browser”. Since JavaScript performance has been one if IE’s greatest weaknesses, I ran it against a couple benchmarks to see how it compared to the reigning champion, Google Chrome.

First, I triedSunSpider. To my total amazement, IE9 actually bested Chrome on the SunSpider benchmark.

Next, I tried Google’s V8 Benchmark Suite. On this suite, I saw the results I have typically seen before. Chrome posted these results:

And IE9 RC came in with these:

So on V8, Chrome destroys IE9, but on SunSpider, IE9 eeks out a slight lead. I could go in to endless speculation about benchmark optimization and validity, but real world results are what matter. So I’ll give IE9 a fair try as my primary browser for a week and see what happens.

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