Cut Short

Alright, I lied. I said in my last post I would give IE9 a fair shake for a week. I only lasted two days. The relationship started going sour the first day when I tried viewing the ExtJS API documentation and samples. None of them would render. I had to drop in to “compatibility mode” to get things to show up. Now maybe this was the fault of ExtJS, but I’ve never had to do this in a prior version of IE, so I’m blaming Microsoft.

My second annoyance is the IE9 notification system with dialogs popping up from the bottom of the screen. It is counter-intuitive and my eye does not naturally get pulled in that direction. This is a major usability failure for the IE9 team.

The final straw is that IE9 feels exactly the same as IE8, which I hate everything about. The “workflow” of web browsing is pretty much perfect in Chrome and Firefox 4, while IE9 still feels a decade old.

So the default browser setting got changed back to Chrome 9 48-hours later. I’ll keep the icon on the desktop for testing, but I’m disappointed this was the best Microsoft could do.

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