I’ll Buy That!

So it has been a few weeks since Apple announced the iPad. I was pretty excited when I saw it, but gave it some time to digest what everyone else was saying and also the implications. The iPad definitely has its detractors, with most somehow working a feminine hygiene joke into their rants. But in the end, I’ll happily be first in line to buy one. Why?

The game changing aspect of the iPad is Safari. There will be plenty of cutesy apps, but I would sooner chew my own arm off than work with Objective-C. It is a disgusting abomination of a language. But having Safari on the iPad means developing feature-rich RIAs in HTML 5, with fast JavaScript, that can be packaged to deploy so that they appear the same as other iPad/iPhone applications (Dock icons, etc…). Best yet, Apple is giving the finger to Adobe and Flash. The iPad is going to put a nail in the coffin of Flash and help advance web standards by leaps and bounds.

Yehuda Katz of the jQuery team summarized it best in this blog post. I completely agree with him. The iPad is a godsend for HTML and JavaScript developers and anyone who values open web standards should be doing back flips right now. A thin tablet device with a cutting edge browser and wireless networking is going to open up a world of vertical market possibilities for web developers. I was really impressed with what Graham Glass did with his iPhone web application for EDU 2.0, and can only imagine how an application like this could take advantage of the iPad.

Check out the Safari Developer Documentation on Apple’s site sometime to really understand the vast programming playground Apple is creating for us. I’m actually excited about web development for the iPad and am looking forward to getting mine to play with.

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