Cool CBT

After enough time in technology, one tends to become pretty jaded about vendor claims. I’ve seen enough miracle solutions before, most them involving code generation to “eliminate the developer.” It has gotten to the point that if I even hear a vendor mention SOA, I whip out a can of Bear Mace and let them have it.

So it came as a great personal surprise when I actually saw a vendor demo for something both cool and practical. I sit on the .NET Center of Excellence for our oversized company, and part of the role is listening to vendors show off their latest and greatest. Our last demo was from a company called InnerWorkings and I had honestly never heard of them before the demo.

InnerWorkings has an incredibly awesome computer-based training (CBT) system for learning .NET. It goes beyond book reading and is heavily based around coding exercises which are even scored by the system. It has a Visual Studio plugin for working with the vast library of learning material and links to O’Reilly’s Safari Books for reference.

I had never seen a CBT product before this which I would actually considered to be effective. This looked good enough that I would almost be willing to invest my own dollars. If you need to bring a development team up to speed on .NET programming, or a specific area on the bleeding edge, I highly recommend taking a look at InnerWorkings.

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