The 2009 Crystal Ball

Last January, I hopped up on my soapbox and made several predictions in the technology field for the coming year. Now that we’re wrapping up the end of the year, I went to take a look at how well I did.

Prediction #1 – Sun is toast : yep, nailed it.

Prediction #2 – Windows 7 will rock : another gimmee; Windows 7 is very good and was what Vista should have been.

Prediction #3 – Google and Apple will turn out to be evil after all : probably debatable. Google definitely, and Apple is still working on it.

Prediction #4 – Microsoft won’t be the evil empire anymore : swing and a miss. They’re sure trying to sound less evil, but they’re still Microsoft. I guess Ray Ozzie is not going to be able to move the mountain.

Prediction #5 – Oracle buys SpringSource : I was pretty close. They got bought by VMWare instead, which makes zero sense. I still think I’ll be proven right, as you’ll see when I make my predictions for next year.

Prediction #6 – Microsoft buys ExtJS : no dice. Admittedly, this was a wildcard guess. I am surprised that someone hasn’t bought them yet.

So all told, I had four of my six predictions mostly on the mark, which isn’t bad. I’ll have to start working on my scientific predictions for next year over the holidays. I just need a few good cups of eggnog first.

2 thoughts on “The 2009 Crystal Ball”

  1. Tim,

    you might not have been that wrong about #6. Abe said in the forum that they’re moving to the Silicon Valley, and that just after they got their new offices in Tampa, FL, done. So, there’s going on something. 😉


  2. Steffen, I would have to agree. The only reason to head to the valley is to get closer to the VC vultures. I’ll have to give myself partial credit 😉


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