The last two weeks have basically gone by in a blur, so I finally decided to squeeze in some time for an update. At Orange Leap, we’ve been running at warp 11 putting the finishing touches on v1.0 of our product. I’ve been up to my neck in the bowels of Spring Security and attempting to integrate it with CAS and our LDAP server for single sign-on. It has been an absolute beat-down trying to get it all together, and I’ve developed a strong love-hate relationship Spring Security. It makes the simple stuff possible and the hard stuff really hard.

This past weekend, Dallas hosted the first ever Big (D)esign Conference. Organization was a bit rough around the edges, but the conference really rocked. I don’t usually hang much with the artsy design folks, even though it is something that interests me. This was like a breath of fresh air after too much time immersed in hairy backend coding. I met a lot of new Twitter friends and came away with some good ideas. Hopefully I can start back in on some frontend work in the coming weeks to try and apply it.

Some cool tech has dropped that I really want to find some time to get familiar with. Microsoft went live with Bing today, and it looks pretty cool so far. Adobe also dropped the first beta of Flash Builder 4 over on Adobe Labs. I’ve been having a lot of fun with Flex, but need to backburner it until end of June. I also signed up with Ribbit. It looks pretty awesome and is in the queue for brain cycles after I get comfortable with Flex. And I still want to find time to get deeper into Groovy.

Finally, Dallas Tech Fest is just around the corner and I’ve still got a lot of work to do on my presentation. It has been a struggle finding quality time to work at home. Zoe is has decided the best place to watch Elmo is on my lap at my computer, so I have to sneak in work at bath time or after she’s asleep.

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