It has been fun watching the comments on my write-up yesterday about Ext Core on some of the sites it got posted to. It is clear, for some people, discussing JavaScript libraries has drifted into the same hazard zone as discussing religion and politics. While I appreciate all the feedback, and probably should have signed up for adwords before posting, I do want to clarify a few things:

  • GPL – I hate it, deal with it. There are two reasons a library author would use GPL. First, to prevent someone else from monetizing their effort (ala ExtJS), or second, because open source is an agenda and not a license. An altruistic developer who is interested in helping other developers without expectations of a return will use a reuse-friendly open source license for their libraries like Apache or MIT. If you’re trying to change the world, please, go ahead and use GPL. If you just want to help out your fellow developers, use something with no strings attached.
  • ExtJS Haters – still a surprising number of geeks out there who are bitter about the change from LGPL to GPL. I was a vocal critic of the change too. I got over it — I bought a license and no longer care. Best $289 I’ve ever spent. If you’re looking for a free ride, look elsewhere. Ext LLC is for-profit entity and I agree with them. People should be able to put food on the table writing cool code, and I won’t deny the talented developers at Ext LLC that right.
  • Fluff – I especially got a kick out of this. It was the longest blog post I have ever written (1800+ words) and tried to touch on as many areas as I could. I plan on following up with some more detailed posts. Guess you can’t make everyone happy.
  • The Conclusion – JQuery is an awesome library. I’ve used it for years. I’ve also used ExtJS and will now use Ext Core more. Why? For the same reason some developers gravitate to Perl and others to Java — Style. I come from a OO Java background, and thus the coding style of the whole ExtJS/Ext Core duo is more in line with my preferred comfort zone. Both JQuery and Ext Core are awesome libraries. Pick the one that suits your personal style and objectives.

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