Listen Up, Google

Dear Google, I use you on a massive scale every day, usually for finding technical information. One feature that that you must implement is the ability for me to define a list of sites (with wildcards) that I do not want to ever show up in a search result (assuming I’m signed in). The various bullshit sites that show up for products are annoying enough (can you say, but what really, really irritates me now is a site called

This site earns my enmity for being jackasses of the year. If I’m researching a technical issue, this site should not show up, period. They tempt you with a question, which causes the search match, and then expect you to pay to see the “expert” responses.

So Google, please, please allow me to configure my account so worthless sites like this never show up in my results. And while you’re at it, change your page rank algorithm to push these asshats down into the oblivion.

4 thoughts on “Listen Up, Google”

  1. Thanks, Vladimir. Do you know if that is something new they added? I quit even clicking the links after getting screwed going to the page so many times. Didn’t want to give them page views for free. I’ll still hold out hope for a Google filter option.


  2. @Tim

    I think they have been playing around with pricing models for their site. I had similar frustrations with their site as well. First they locked out everybody, then started a system of being able to see 2-3 answers before being locked out with cookies (you could bypass it by clearing out your cookies), and now they allow you to see the accepted answer and expert comments and still restrict everything else. All power to them of course, they have a right to make money and stay alive. At least now we can see the answers to the questions – until they change the system again that is… :o)

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