February: Amnesty

My charity for February is in recognition of the inauguration of President Barack Obama. I, along with millions of other Americans, watched his speech on television. One of the key chords he struck is that we are a nation of laws. This is in stark contrast to the prior eight years of a president who believes abducting people off the street, flying them to third-world hellholes, having them tortured and holding them without charge for years is somehow an American value.

I spent ten years in the United States Air Force in my younger days. Over five of those years were spent on flight status as a crew member aboard various special aircraft. Due to the nature of our missions,  I went through extensive survival training, including some less-than-pleasant courses dealing with detention by a hostile nation.

Anyone who has served as an aircrew member in the military should be able to unblinkingly tell you that waterboarding is torture, pure and simple. I find it sickening that our prior president, and his party, lacked the moral clarity to make the right call on something this obvious.

So to celebrate turning the page on a dark chapter in American history, I’m giving my $100 for February to an organization dedicated to stopping the abuses our own government was willing to perpetrate, Amnesty International.

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