My friend Caleb Jenkins of Improving Enteprises spoke at the North Dallas .NET Users Group last night about Silverlight 2.0 databindings, styles and templates. Caleb is a fun, energetic speaker, the kind of guy you want to have on your team or have a beer with. He’s definitely gungho over Silverlight, but I’m still not getting very warm to it.

Part of my grief with Silverlight is the same I have with Flex. We don’t need browser plugins to build feature-rich RIAs. I will concede the vector graphics space to these two technologies, but that is a space I could care less about. All the applications I work on involve web-based CRUD of business data. HTML and JavaScript are just fine at doing those, and I actually think ExtJS still does a better job than either with the widgets on the page. And since ExtJS is simple JavaScript, CSS and HTML, it will work with all browsers, including the iPhone, today.

To set the record straight, I’m going to expand my .NET demo project into a full demo site so you can see what I’m talking about. I’ll publish the URL when I’ve pushed some code.

I toss out my congratulations to Caleb on his diet. He’s lost 16lbs in only three weeks and it has motivated him to blog about it. He’s even going to have a contest to give away an MSDN subscription tied to weight-loss, although I think he should just give it to me for mentioning him in my blog 😉

Also, I haven’t mentioned Improving Enterprises before, but I should. They merit a blog post of their own, but for now I can simply say they are the best small technology consulting company in the DFW area. I do not know of any other organization with such a concentration of A-list talent and would highly recommend them to any organization that actually needs to get something done.

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