New Laptop

I finally got my new work laptop yesterday. For the past month and a half I had been using my personal Dell Latitude D620 for daily development. It is a good little workhorse but is getting a bit dated in the CPU department and I’ve never been particularly fond of the screen, which I always found a bit too dim.

Now say hello to my little friend (and the D620’s big brother), the Latitude E6500. I got it with the 15″ LED-back lit screen, which I can’t recommend highly enough. This screen blows away anything else I’ve seen and is on par with the new screens on the macbook pros. Toss in a dual-core 2.8ghz CPU and 4GB of RAM, and you’ve got the perfect software development laptop.

I got my E6500 with Windows Vista. I know there are plenty of Luddites who still stick with XP because they think it is “faster”, but Vista just rocks. I’m using it for Java development and have installed IntelliJ, MySQL 5.1, Apache HTTPD. All work flawlessly and IntelliJ is beautiful in Aero.

Speaking of a developer laptop, since I just had to do this, I’ll share my “Java on Windows” essential tools list:

  1. Java 6 JDK
  2. IntelliJ IDEA 8
  3. MySQL 5.1
  4. Subversion 1.5
  5. Tortoise SVN
  6. WinSCP
  7. Putty
  8. UltraEdit
  9. SnagIt
  10. WinZip Pro
  11. DbVisualizer
  12. Firefox 3 with Web Developer, Firebug, ColorZilla and Tamper Data add-ons
  13. Chrome
  14. Tomcat 6

This is my must-have kit for Java development tools. Yes, some are not free, but they are well worth it. Note that I don’t get into all the libraries. Of course I’m using Spring, JUnit, MySQL Connector/J, etc… This just covers core tools.

Core Tools + E6500 = Happy Java Coder

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