2009 Predictions

Not to be outdone by the innumerable quantity of pundits out there making their own baseless predictions, I’m going to toss out my own for the coming year in the technology space:

  1. Sun Microsystems is toast. Their only real asset is Java, and it is worth more to a company like IBM or Oracle. If the frigid economic climate continues, Sun will be purchased by IBM.
  2. Windows 7 will rock. This prediction might get delayed until early 2010 given Microsoft’s track record, but I fully expect Windows 7 to put Microsoft firmly back in the drivers seat. It will make up for past sins and put Apple on the defensive.
  3. Google and Apple turn out to be evil after all. Pretty safe bet; both want to be what Microsoft was last year and will sell their souls to do it.
  4. Microsoft won’t be the evil empire any more. Now that Bill is gone and Ray Ozzie is setting the tone, you’ll see a lot more warmth and geek-friendliness out of Microsoft. Check out Microspotting if you want to catch a glimpse of the new Microsoft.
  5. Oracle will buy Spring Source. This is about the only jewel they’re missing and would be a better investment than BEA was. Unfortunately, it will kill all the enthusiasm around the Spring Framework, thus killing one of the few exciting things left in the Java space.
  6. (Wildcard) Microsoft buys ExtJS. Apple picked SproutCore, so Microsoft needs a good RIA JavaScript library. They’ve put their backing behind JQuery, which is awesome, but it is not in the same league as ExtJS. They could buy ExtJS for a pittance and have one of the best AJAX widget libraries on the market overnight. ExtJS and ASP.NET MVC will be the winning combo.

2 thoughts on “2009 Predictions”

  1. 1. I agree. I will be disappointed if Sun gets bought by Oracle. I will be ok if they get bought by IBM….. I will be *pissed* if they get bought by Microsoft….. And I would *LOVE* it if Sun gets bought by SpringSource!

    2. I’ve heard good things about Windows 7, too, and look forward to loading it on my machine. I don’t know that it will put Apple on the defensive. I think it will *keep* Apple on the offensive.

    3. Google yes, Apple no.

    4. I agree. Microsoft has been working very hard to rehab their image. I think the key piece in their rehabilitaion is how they price and market Windows 7. If they screw up, they will get past by Apple. They could leap past Apple if they roll out Windows 7 as a Vista Service Pack upgrade.

    5. No public comment.

    6. Who cares. 🙂

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