Something New

After seven years working for Countrywide, I finally decided to do something different. I took a new job with a small software product company here in north Dallas area called MPower Open. I enjoyed my time at Countrywide. I started as a senior developer after the consulting company I was working at dot-bombed. From there, I worked my way up to Software Architect, Vice President, and finally First Vice President.

I worked with many great people who I consider good friends, but one thing I never had the chance to do was an actual product. Countrywide was about big, corporate IT. MPower is about delivering a high quality software product we want people to pay for. The smaller shop also allows for more focus, which I’m enjoying so far.

Another nice thing is the ability to get more hands-on. I’m actually working with code again, rather then delegating that responsibility to a team. It is a major change of pace for me, and a lot more fun. The technology stack we’re using is a full Java/Spring/Tomcat setup, and the product is even going to be open source. Hopefully I get a chance to dabble with some .NET too. I was just starting to like it.

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