Yummy…. Crow!

Yes, I will accept I need to eat some crow. I’ve been playing a lot recently with the .NET framework and C#. My PHP mistress got kinda boring. Same-o, same-ol’. I decided to give .NET another whirl because I wanted to port the ExtJS presentation I did for the local Spring users group to .NET. 

Since I hadn’t really gotten in to .NET since v2.0, I got up to date with Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5sp1. I knew I neeeded JSON for my AJAX, so I thought about starting with WCF. But to fully dig in to WCF, I needed to understand the new features in .NET 3.5, so I found some good tutorials on what was new.

I was really blown away with how far .NET has progressed. I’m a big fan of JavaScript, and C# in .NET 3.5 actually starts to look a lot like it. You can declare variables with the var keyword and you have anonymous classes and lambdas. I actually played with LINQ, and I have say I like it a lot. I will humbly eat that crow pie over the trash talking I gave LINQ serveral posts ago.

I’m still not down with the postback model for ASP.NET, but am playing with ASP.NET MVC, which is getting pretty mature in its fifth preview release. It will definitely be the way I head. I just need to sort out the WCF stuff for the JSON/AJAX calls and I’ll be a happy camper.

So in an epic “I will not eat green eggs and ham” kind of way, I’ve decided I really like those green eggs and ham. But it is a lot more like green eggs and crow in this case.

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