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So I had to ditch my PHP mistress for a bit and come back to the real world. I spoke tonight at the Spring Dallas User Group, giving a presentation on the ExtJS JavaScript library and integration with Spring MVC. We had close to 20 people in attendance, which was more then I expected given the short notice.

Erik Weibust and I had discussed me presenting to the group several months ago. I orginally planned to present in July, but vacation plans got in the way of the meeting date. In the interim, quite a bit happened in the ExtJS world. The fallout from the change to GPL from LGPL had simmered down, and they released a new version.

The presentation went well. Some folks had worked with ExtJS while others were learning about it for the first time. In spite of the turmoil from the license change, I’m still very excited about it. The 2.2 release added some cool stuff and I’m looking forward to digging in to it on a project.

For those in attendance, or the simply curious, I’ve attached the presentation, sample project and my own Spring JsonView implementation. Note that for the sample project, you will need to download the ExtJS distribution yourself and place the contents of it in the web/resources/ext directory. I didn’t want to redistribute ExtJS in my sample.

ExtJS Presentation

ExtJS/Spring Demo Project

Custom JsonView Project

5 thoughts on “Back to Business”

  1. Jim – I appreciate that you had time & will tonight to present PHP & RPG using C++ & .NET – still chasing refs you provided for JSON, JQuery & ExtJS – no doubt it all combines for improved exp. – glad that you shared your experience & insight – must be a fine company you work for, Jim ( – or maybe your name is Tim…thks, in any case !!) The presentation did go well !!

  2. I’d like to believe unit titnesg low-level ext js code leads to better software, but outside-in UI titnesg is where most projects will benefit from titnesg that’s why the conversation inevitably turns to Selenium. It all depends on how much non-UI business logic is in your ext js layer. Good job providing ext-specific matchers and assertions.Also, has some advantages over Google Code; the main one being that anyone can fork your project, make improvements, and notify you that you can merge them if you like. Fewer feature requests and patches!

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