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I attended my first ever meeting of the Spring Dallas User Group on Wednesday. They had Keith Donald from SpringSource speak about the new Spring WebFlow 2.

Although my team uses the Spring Framework for all the projects, I’ve always had mixed feelings about Spring because I am not a fan of XML configuration. But the Spring Framework 2.5, with annotation-driven bean wiring has really started to change my opinion. I had similar feelings for Web Flow, but the v2 has definitely improved things. While I’m still not that excited about the core Web Flow state engine, they introduced Spring JS (JavaScript), which was very exciting.

Spring JS provide a JavaScript library for decorating pages so that you can add rich widgets for RIA-goodness but still have the page degrade gracefully in less sophisticated browsers. The original version was based around my favorite ExtJS library, but they changed to Dojo when the ExtJS guys shot themselves in the foot with the license change to GPL. This reinforces my opinion that ExtJS really screwed the pooch. They had the chance to be associated with the best Java framework out there, and lost it.

The user group meeting was very interesting and it was a great group of people. Since one of the organizers is a friend of mine, I’m even going to be the guest speaker in July talking about ExtJS and Spring. I’ll share more on how that goes as the presentation starts to take form.

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  1. First, let me say I dig your blog…. It looks really good. 😉

    As much as I’ve been defending xml config… I’ve spent the last two days getting my head around annotation-driven config. I’ve got my service layer and dao layer refactored to all annotations. Now I just need to get my head around the Spring MVC annotations.


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