This site is the blog of Tim Sporcic, a senior architect at Research Now in Plano, TX. When not busing coding away on the bleeding edges of JavaScript and WordPress, Tim spends plenty of quality time with his seven-year old daughter, Zoe.

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Tim Sporcic

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8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Tim: I’m in Plano too and an considering rewriting an extjs3 project into EXTJS4 & adding ext.direct. I’d like to talk to you if interested. You’ve got my email. please contact me ASAP. Thanks

  2. hi, I just started a job which requires me to come up to speed on extjs. Have you by chance completed the mvc restful example adding widgets? I ran the code and am trying to figure out how to add widgets to the existing code.


  3. You recently tweeted: “I’m truly amazed at how incredibly awful Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity is. Slower than Win7 and painful to use. FC16 on Tue it is.”

    I predict you will find GNOME 3 an equally awful user experience. Therefore I recommend Debian Testing with Xfce:


    When the installer first loads, choose “Advanced options” -> “Alternative desktop environments” -> “Xfce.”

    You won’t regret it.

  4. Thanks, Eric. I was thinking of falling back to Linux Mint if I didn’t like Fedora Core. The only problem is it looks like they’re going Gnome 3 too with the next release. Hopefully they do it right.

  5. Hello,

    Could you tell me a little bit about the team that won the AT&T Hackathon? I have not been able to find any information aside from the team name. I was wondering what the app actually did. I appreciate the the assistance.

  6. Tim,

    We met last night at the JavaMUG meeting, I was sitting next to Erik. I wanted to ask you for a recommendation on a good jQuery book. My Javascript is very rusty and I know nothing about jQuery but wanted to expand my knowledge since Grails has switched over to using it.

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